10 best online collaboration tools for remote teams in 2023

Add a card to your To-Do List and move it through the Doing and Done columns as you work on it. Keep things organized with color-coded labels, and sort your tasks by due date, creation date, or card name. In other words—even if your team can’t be physically near, it’s critical that their values align, that trust is maintained and built between people, and that teamwork remains strong.

As mentioned earlier, efficient communication is a key to strengthen communication between team members/colleagues. Calls and meetings when involved in the task generate more coordination within the team or group. There are plenty of creative ideas that can be conducted to have quality time with colleagues/team members. Conducing fun activities remote collaboration will promote team collaboration and result in positive remote work culture. Appreciating other workers for their excellent work can be very important when it comes to collaborating effectively with others. Recognitions allow workers to express their gratitude towards a smart working employee and also helps in employee motivation.

What is remote collaboration: 4 ways to improve teamwork

More specifically, the use of AI platforms and features has seriously improved productivity for businesses of all sizes. Our research found that 72% of respondents who use AI extensively report high organizational productivity, compared to 55% of respondents who use AI to a limited extent. Larger enterprises have found success with both dedicated remote and hybrid work setups depending on roles and functions. Communication tools help dispersed teams stay connected while retaining talent and improving efficiencies. However collaboration for some mission-critical functions still relies on occasional in-person interactions. Jobs that are primarily computer-based like software development, design, support, etc. translate very well to remote setups.

Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool to improve project planning and collaborate with stakeholders. It’s ideal for facilitating collaboration between different departments, from marketing, software development, and professional services. ProofHub is a great collaboration tool to plan, organize, and keep track of a distributed team’s tasks. Ideal for freelancers and businesses of all sizes, the easy-to-use interface doesn’t need download and it’s ready to use. Virtual collaboration tools are key to building a successful remote team. After the pandemic, most companies had to redefine their collaboration strategies in a virtual environment.

Of Companies Will Return To The Office In 2024

This pandemic-era darling is popular among teams in nearly every industry thanks to its affordable price point and ease of use. Maybe you’d think twice before firing up a funny YouTube video in your open-floor office with coworkers nearby, toiling away. Motion is like an accountability partner who makes sure you don’t get sucked into a social media rabbit hole when you should be focusing on spreadsheets.

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